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Expertise & Technical Assistance

The complexity and high stakes nature of earthworks projects requires large quantities of resources. From teams of technical experts, to the development of a vision, we specialise in tailoring for your individual projects. Working to anticipate any unforeseeable constraints, we take the stress out of the entire building process.
Our international experience in the development and execution of linear infrastructure projects, has given the skills to help you create a clear and precise vision for all stages of your project.

Thanks to our methods and solutions, it is easy for you to exceed your ambitions and achieve your most challenging goals!

Topography& Project Design


Preliminary Engineering Design :

The Preliminary Engineering Design « PED », is first carried out via the contour line map. This initial phase defines the technical hypotheses, according to the internal and external characteristics of the project.

What is included:

  • The general map situation - 1/100000 or 1/20000
  • The map situation plan - 1/10,000 including level curves
  • Presentation of the road alignment according to 3 design assumptions
  • The summary vertical longitudinal section
  • The typical cross section
  • The geometric surfaces and the volumes calculations
  • The timing of completion through summary planning
  • The estimation of the provisional cost of the work
  • The technical brief of the Preliminary Engineering Design «PED»

This provides you with an initial synthetic vision on the 2D and 3D geometric perspectives of your project. It also makes it possible to determine the most suitable technical solution and develop the front-end engineering design.


Front End Engineering Design :

The Front-End Engineering Design «FEED» follows on from the Preliminary Engineering Design «PED». It details the sizing and the geometrical design of the project and establishes the topographic surveys directly on site.

What is included :

  • Topographical field operations
  • Computer-assisted drawing operations
  • The map situation plan
  • The topographical plan
  • Detailed plans on a scale between 1/2000 ème - 1/500 ème
  • The longitudinal profile sections on the scale of the plan
  • The typical cross section profile at 1/1000th
  • The earthworks calculation cross section reports
  • The choice of resources
  • Earthworks land movements
  • The coherence of geotechnical studies of the project
  • The revision of earthwork land movements according to the geotechnical study report
  • The sizing of the resources needed to carry out the project
  • Methodology and phasing
  • Detailed planning
  • The detailed surfaces and volumes calculations of all the project phases
  • The geometric design road, geotechnical and dimensional perspectives of the project
  • The special technical clauses reports
  • The technical brief - Front End Engineering Project Design
étude d‘Avant-Projet Détaillée

This provides you with the optimum precision on the surfaces and volumes associated with the project. Where applicable, this also involves defining the facilities, the means of supply and the dimensions of the resources. This allows the program to be validated in its technical and financial perspectives, in order to start tendering.


Implementation Planning Study:

The Implementation Planning Study «IPS» follows on from the validation of the Front-End Engineering Design «FEED». It allows the coordination of the different project actors, through a single contact during the preparation and start of the building work.

    What is included :

  • The Study Transfer – Building works
  • Budgeting via a counter-study of the project
  • The building work schedule according to the contractual schedule
  • Administrative opening
  • Dimension, choice and validating resources
  • Strategic issues
  • The transfer meeting with the various actors of the project
  • The quality assurance plan according to the notebooks of administrative and technical clauses of the building works
  • The health prevention and health protection plan according to the notebooks of administrative and technical clauses of the building works

The implementation Planning Study «IPS» provides pragmatic solutions to the various administrative, contractual, technical and geotechnical constraints that could occur before and during the initial stages of the building work. Once validated, the execution plan is noted «Approval for Execution».

Supervision & 360° project management


Productivity at the service of strategy

Project implementation requires rigorous monitoring of the implementation plan.
It also requires coherent and centralized supervision and management.
Our team ensures you achieve maximum productivity in line with the adopted strategy.

What we will provide for YOU :

  • Coordination of the entire project
  • Planning of the building work according to the issues
  • An optimization and implementation of the project according to the notebooks of administrative and technical clauses specific to the project
  • Bespoke solutions adapted to the project's inherent constraints
  • Framing your enforcement resources :
    • - Personal (Labour)
    • - Material
    • - Subcontractors
  • Real-time supervision of orders and supplies
  • Topographic follow-up
  • The tracking of terms and geometric volumes according to the progress of the project
  • Analysis of initial/realized deviations
  • The administrative follow-up of the project

The Quality Requirement

We work in compliance with the best industry practices

KMTP is committed to providing our services with utmost professionalism, complying with the best industry practices. This commitment guarantees the quality of our work.

What we will implement for YOU :

  • The organization of the project according to the quality assurance plan
  • The preparation of continuous execution tracking sheets
  • The materialization and traceability of the controls on the retraining plan
  • The lifting of any reserves and receiving the project


We commit ourselves to safety

Prevention and safety are essential pillars for the success and sustainability of a structure. Real or potential risks of a project should always be anticipated and mastered.

With KMTP, YOU have the assurance of a global and accurate vision to prevent any possible negligence.

What make sure you are present for:

  • The synchronization of the project according to the safety prevention and health protection plan
  • The drafting, approval and presentation of security topics
  • Weekly security meetings
  • Daily "Pre-start" meetings

Financial optimization

We optimize the profitability of your project

Just because you prioritize the quality of a project's execution. doesn't mean you don't have to pay attention to the cost of accomplishments.
AT KMTP, financial optimization is at the heart all we do. We are committed to ensure you ambition is able to meet itsfull profitability.

We equip YOU with :

  • The review of the risks and constraints associated with the project.
  • Budget analysis based on price studies and disbursement differences with supply
  • Budget analysis related to the project changes
  • Forecasting and budget planning
  • The realization and control of building work situations
  • Establishing corrective actions in the event of a discrepancy
  • The completion of the final general count